Marketing is more important to the success of an organization than ever before. It cuts across nearly every area of business from sales and IT to customer service and HR and has shifted from a cost center to a revenue driver. Marketers don’t just own the brand—they own the entire customer experience. 

To thrive in this environment, you need new ways of thinking, new perspectives, new approaches, new solutions. But between competing priorities, lack of resources and budget constraints, it can be really hard to focus on your customers, clients, donors or members. Freedom eliminates the noise so you can act smarter and faster. 

To clear the way for innovation, we’ve tossed billable hours out the window and instead focus on an unlimited amount of personalized, on-demand advice, insight and ideas. 

Relationships are structured based on what you need but here are some of the areas where companies find Freedom most valuable: 

BRANDING: Creating new brands, renewing old ones, testing brand positions and visual identities to ensure they resonate with the people you care about most. 

STRATEGY: Researching your audiences, mapping their experiences with your brand, offering fresh insights and ideas to attract people to your brand and better yet—hold their attention and keep them coming back. 

INNOVATION: Developing new products and services that build your business by satisfying unmet needs. 

OPERATIONS: Structuring your team and finding the right in-house and outside talent, identifying the best technology platforms for your goals (CMS, CRM, marketing automation, social media). 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Delivering workshops and training that educate, inspire and build the skills to succeed. 
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